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Doug is a fantastic photographer. He approached us to design and build a CMS Content Managed Website so he would manage the site himself at any time of the day. His request was to look top end within his industry. 

We are very please to read Doug’s Testimonial below to see how impressed he is with our work.


Client Testimonial

I had been looking to set up a photography website for a while and was eventually recommended Drawn 2 Design by a friend.
Right from the start of the process Lisa has been a pleasure to work with:  Professional,  courteous and personable at all times as well as demonstrating  just the right level of autonomy whilst developing the site.  I just sent her the information and images that I wanted on the website and she, along with her developer Tatty, turned it all round in super-quick time with a creative zeal that exceeded my expectations.

It was also important for me to work with someone who didn’t baffle me with all manner of webby jargon as technology can be to me what ghosts are to Scooby Doo (i.e. scary) and so it was great that Lisa was very clear when explaining any technical elements of the process. She was also reassuring when the site was complete, and thus had access to the backend, that I wouldn’t break it by looking at it.

Clearly it’s vital  for a photography website to have the right look and Drawn 2 Design have delivered a thing of aesthetic loveliness that befits the industry perfectly.

Douglas Jewell – Photographer

Services Provided

Logo Design

Domain Host

Email set up

Website Design & Build