Copywriting & Proofreading  for Schools

Great copy inspires and enthuses but it can easily be taken for granted.  When it’s effective, words are absorbed effortlessly with powerful results. The text in your prospectuses and newsletters connects on many levels, bringing school communities together.

Getting the basics right is incredibly important, but copywriting is more than putting commas in their place. It isn’t even about getting your message across. It’s about engaging people.

The content of your website or marketing literature is your invitation to new students. It should direct prospective parents to act on their interest. As such, appealing content that makes your school or college accessible is essential. It reflects the quality of the education you offer, so it’s worth consideration.


Tight budgets might encourage you to create your own text. If you have, we can proofread it for you to ensure it’s the best it can be.  Nevertheless, copywriting is a difficult and time consuming task. We can take the strain, developing your content from scratch and letting you focus on delivering high quality education.

Whether you have a website that requires a revamp, or you’re in need of some fresh content, our professional team can help. Contact us to see how we support your school’s success.