Branding & Logo Design for Schools

A recognisable and attractive crest is an essential part of any school’s image. It represents much more than a name; it reflects the qualities and personality of your school environment. Such logos are visible on all signage and literature, including letterheads, prospectuses, stationery and uniforms. They are an essential part of your visible presence in the community.

At Drawn2Design we will help you develop your school’s visual identity and fulfil your brand potential. If you’re opening a new school, academy, college or university or looking to update your existing image, we have expertise you can rely on.

01_Design-for-Schools---Branding-&-Logo-Design-for-Business1Our branding and logo design service turns intangible ideas into visible reality. When starting a project, we take the time to understand your school, discovering its history, ethos and mission. We consult you throughout the design and printing process to ensure our work meets your needs and reflects your school’s vision and values.

You may already have an established and successful emblem. We are here to help if you have lost its original format or need it to be redrawn or refreshed, making your current logo accessible in up to date formats such as EPS, PDF, JPEG and PNG. In addition, our graphic design, copywriting, website, photography, stationery and print services are ideal when combined, delivering the complete brand package.

Whatever your requirements, we can build a bespoke design package for you. Get in touch to discuss your school’s branding and logo needs.